Britain’s ‘Body in a Suitcase’ Gambler Packs their Bags for Prison

Britain’s ‘Body in a Suitcase’ Gambler Packs their Bags for Prison

Known in the UK’s tabloid media as the ‘body in a suitcase’ killer, gambler Ming Jiang had been sentenced to life imprisonment by A british judge on Tuesday. Jiang murdered his high-rolling buddy Yiang Lui fall that is last purchase to assume his identity and steal his money to further fund their own gambling play.

Ex-Lufthansa flight attendant Ming Jiang, left, brutally dismembered and murdered their friend Yiang Lui, right, to fund his out-of-control gambling practices.

Jiang, 43, killed and dismembered fellow Chinese national and successful financial investor Lui, 36, final October, before stuffing his torso in to a suitcase, which then set on fire.

Judge John Potter described the former Lufthansa air steward as ‘highly dangerous,’ informing Jiang that he would likely spend the sleep of his life in prison, as he handed down a minimum of 33 years before parole could even be considered.

‘You killed a gentle and kind man that is young … cunning for your own selfish want to feed your gambling habits,’ stated Potter. ‘You befriended this man and moved in the same circles that are social him.

‘You received unique status in some casinos, despite being prohibited from others for just what is reported as your erratic behavior,’ the judge added at Jiang’s sentencing. ‘ you created a plan which was chilling and which was a murder committed by you for personal gain.’

$230,000 Gambling Spree

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